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NEW mPerks with Manufacturer Coupon Matchup!

April 30, 2012 by  

There are some new mPerks coupons available today. Per the new Meijer Coupon policy the ‘store’ mPerks can be ‘stacked’ with a paper manufacturer coupon so I’ve pointed out which ones are ‘store’ mPerks and which ones are ‘manu’ mPerks. Hope it helps!

To learn more about how mPerks (Meijer’s digital coupon program) works and how to get signed up for it – watch the video HERE or view the mPerks FAQ HERE.

New mPerks Manufacturer Coupons can NOT be ‘stacked’ with manufacturer coupon:

  • $0.70/1 Kellogg’s Krave Cereal 11 oz. or larger mPerks
  • $1/2 Kellogg’s Special K Bars and/or Kellogg’s FiberPlus® Chewy Bars 5 ct.+ mPerks

New mPerks Meijer Store Coupon can be ‘stacked’ with manufacturer coupon:

Meijer Product mPerks:

  • $0.25/1 Meijer Naturals Salsa 24 oz. mPerks
  • $0.50/1 Meijer Deli Chicken Sandwich mPerks
  • $0.50/1 Meijer Drink Mixes 19 oz. mPerks
  • $0.50/1 Meijer Free & Light Drink Mixes 10-12 qt. mPerks
  • $0.50/2 Meijer Soda 12 ct. mPerks
  • $1/1 Meijer Antacid Tablets 500 ct. mPerks
  • $1/4 Meijer Facial Tissue Cubes 65-85 ct. mPerks
  • $1/1 Any Meijer Pain Relief mPerks
  • $1.50/1 Meijer Scoop Cat Litter 35 lb. mPerks
  • $1/4 Meijer Wet Dog Food 13.2 oz mPerks
  • $0.25/1 Meijer Gold Taco Sauce 10 0z. mPerks
  •  $0.25/1 Meijer Taco Dinner Kits 10.4-14.5 oz. mPerks




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3 Responses to “NEW mPerks with Manufacturer Coupon Matchup!”
  1. Amanda says:

    I am having a problem getting the coupons to stack. I have to print off the sheet of mperks and bring them with me to get the coupons! I don’t understand why it doesn’t come off instantly. I always follow this website and nothing ever works for me lol

    • Jennifer says:

      I would call Meijer Customer Service at 1-877-363-4537. If you’ve ‘clipped’ them, they should come off after you log-in and enter your PIN# at the register.

      You can also get the “Meijer Find-it” app if you have an iPhone and you can see your ‘clipped’ mPerks coupons on that. I’ve had to show mine to cashiers on a few occasions to have them manually enter it.

  2. Andrea says:

    Sometimes I use my dad’s account, and my friend’s, and constantly have problems where it says account not found. I login on my phone no problem, and then I try to enter my password on the credit card machine, and it says no account found! So annoying!